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This year's Kick Back and Student Life F.A.I.R. was attended by over 450 students, over 20 campus resources/programs, Voter Registration, CalFresh, Hubert's Lemonade, and Power106!

The Future Alumni Kick Back and Student Life F.A.I.R. was attended by over 450 students this year. Our newest Future Alums that attended VIP Welcome Day came early to line up for their FREE Proud to be SMC Alumni T-Shirts and were greeted by SMC's President's Ambassadors who asked each and every one they met how their first few weeks were going at SMC and engaged them in learning about resources on campus and involvement opportunities. Several of the Ambassadors met face to face with the students they had called on the phone to remind them about the event and check in after having met them at the Alumni Lounge on VIP Welcome Day. 

The Office of Student Life successfully invited students to Register to Vote through their Civic Engagement program, and informed students about their Food Security Programs, Corsair Market, The Galley, FLVR, as well as their newly launched 1929 Campaign to provide hot meals to hungry students. They also presented through their Associated Students program all the myriad resources students have access to through Associated Student Government initiatives. Students learned about Fall activities, gained information about resources on campus, flooded the Career services and Transfer booths for information, and met directly with faculty advisors, staff and members of several Campus programs including the Veteran Resource Center, Black Collegians, Adelante/DREAM Program, International Education, Athletics, Tutoring Supplemental Instruction, Law Pathways, DSPS, Community Relations, and Wellness! Alumni happily returned sporting their Santa Monica College ALUMNI shirts wearing proudly the message "Your Presence Matters" across the back to reassure Future Alums that they are valued and their journey at SMC is bound for Success! 

Highlights included returning Alumni, LA County CalFresh Mobile Unit, so students could sign up for CalFresh at the event, Power106 and the Department of Mental Health with a big message board to collect students' Messages of Hope, which were abundant!!!

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