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Omeed Mahrouyan '15

Where are you now?  

Finishing my last semester at the University of California Berkeley, studying Cognitive Science with a concentration in Neuroscience. These past two years at CAL have been life-changing and it is bittersweet that my time is coming to an end at this beautiful and thought-provoking campus. I am grateful that I got to spend my last two years of undergraduate studies here, and I look forward to applying all the knowledge that I have acquired to good use.

Santa Monica College influence your life? Your current career? 

Santa Monica College allowed me to envision my career trajectory as well as forge the path needed to achieve it. The interdisciplinary nature of the courses that I enrolled in while at SMC allowed me to experience different fields and find the one that was best suited towards my academic interests and career goals. I am currently finishing up my last semester at CAL and am focused on finishing academically strong as well as experiencing the many attractions in Northern California.

Shout Out! To a faculty or staff member that made a difference. 

There were several SMC professors that made a difference for me. Professor Shirinyan, who taught Cognitive Psychology, revealed to me the labyrinthine structure within our skulls we call the brain. Learning about these neural circuits fascinated me and made me question our behavior greatly. I was astonished and exhilarated knowing that this is what I wanted to dedicate my academic career towards. I’d also like to give a shout out to my political science Professor, Christine Schultz, who taught me how our government is run by taking an in depth look of how the Iron Triangle operates. Lastly, Professor Farrell, who taught Latin American History, introduced me to the fascinating segment of human history involving the colonization of Latin America. Through use of historical films and captivating lectures/discussions I was enlightened by the beautiful development of Latin America.

Words of wisdom to share with future alumni.  

Do not let any obstacles prevent you from achieving your goals. Whatever you have that is causing you concern, know that there are always people that have had it worse and still succeeded. Take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities you have at your disposal whether it be the direct relationships you have with your professors or the ability to explore any field. Push your limits and devote maximum effort to whatever you do.

Community college is your chance to construct the foundation for any career you wish to pursue; it is an essential moment within your life so spend your time and weekends wisely. Look towards your future and understand the time you are putting in now is going to reward you in the future. So, instead of doing things that yield immediate gratification try to think of academic achievements, although they may not seem as explicitly rewarding, in the long-run they will be much more fruitful. With each thing you achieve you should add a block to your metaphorical pillar of success and realize that you have become one step closer to achieving your goals. I'm sure whatever you plan on doing is not something easily done so make sure to have a strategy, as a goal without a plan is just a wish. 

What's Next?

I am going to take a gap year in between undergraduate studies and Medical School. During that gap year I plan on finishing my Medical School pre-requisites, shadowing a doctor, working as an EMT, and volunteering at a clinic.  Go Corsairs! Go Bears! Go Class of 2017!

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