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Marcus Nobréus '01

Where are you now?

I reside back in Sweden after 12 years in California. I returned to Sweden in 2010 and graduated Santa Monica College in 2001. Nowadays I get to spend a lot of my time making movies. I write, produce and direct. In December of 2016 I completed my first feature film, a back yard indie by the name of "Unrighteous Men".

How did your experience at Santa Monica College influence your life? Your current career?

Santa Monica College forever changed my life. The information I gained from my classes in film history, theater acting, art history, script writing, ethnology, and the experience from the film club were imperative to getting me started on a completely new foundation for a life in filmmaking. Not to mention the friendships that have meant so much these years since my stay at SMC. 


Shout Out! To a faculty or staff member that made a difference.

Shout Out! My dear life-long friendships formed with Marni Washington and G. Bruce Smith! Not to mention the invaluable lessons from Pr. Josh Kanin, Heidi Crane and Perviz Sawoski. The Student Filmmakers Association Rocks!!!

Words of wisdom to share with future alumni.

Do Your Best! It will behove you for the rest of your life. And keep an open mind, you never know where important lessons may come from. I learned some of my best ideas for writing movies and directing through art history and design. Join the club of your interest or major. I learned so much about the process of filmmaking from making movies in the film club on campus.  

What's Next?

Keep making movies. Bigger and better. Keep on working and honing my craft. This year I'm aiming to finish another feature film, "At Night". I would never have gotten anywhere without my time at SMC. 

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