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Alumni Holiday Member Drive Campaign

You’re Invited! To be a participant in the SMC Alumni Association Member Drive. Your Presence Matters! We have a goal to reach 1,000 new giving members. Each participant is invited to recruit a minimum of 20 new giving members. We will have a special celebration for our Founding Member Participants when we reach our goals. Thank you for being a founding member and for joining us on this Alumni Challenge toward building a sustainable Alumni network!



Sign up as follows:


  • Visit https://alumnifund.smc.edu/users/sign_up
  • Sign Up with Facebook or email.  (We recommend signing up with Facebook).
  • Enter Join CODE: 964768944.
  • Follow steps to input contacts.
  • Goal is to recruit twenty members. (or more… if you dare).



Sign up. Join. Share. Email. Text. Tweet.



To access your account at any time, just visit:

https://alumnifund.smc.edu/users/sign_in and Sign In.



If you have any questions, please contact: kleinman_janet@smc.edu 


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