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Left Photo (Left to Right) - Dr. Nancy Grass, Janet Nassman, Linnea Bengston, Joel Thong, Dr. Ben Attias at the National Communication Studies Conference.


Linnea Bengston

SMC alumna Linnea Bengston studied at Santa Monica College in 2005 for one semester and recalls below, "My experience at SMC influenced my life at large."
Can you describe what you are doing now?

I serve as an International Business Developer for the City of Lidköping and the County of Skaraborg (Sweden), assisting organizations and companies with navigating the U.S. Market. I help identify joint venture partners, customer and market introductions, student exchanges, job shadowing opportunities and exchange of best practices, as well as providing cross cultural support. We work with the idea of grow locally by working globally. I alternate my time between my hometown Lidköping and Rockford, Illinois, where I have an office at City Hall. 

How did your experience at Santa Monica College influence your life? Your current career?

My experience at SMC influenced my life at large. My time there helped me grow a lot in my personal life. When I first landed the job  I have today (a Trainee position, which later became an appointed position), my SMC experience and specifically my credits in speech was partly why I knocked out the other 40 applicants for the position. In my career I do a lot of public speaking, and close to everyday, I am practicing what I learned during my speech class. 

Shout Out! to a faculty or staff member that made a difference.

Nancy Grass. Mostly referred to as ”my speech teacher” to my family, friends, co-workers….well to several people here in Sweden as I have talked about her a lot! She had such an impact on me and my life. She is such a great teacher, extremely smart, fair and very funny. l remember a lot from her class, due to her I do not use the word basically, since it "basically" means nothing! And I still hear her say ”no jeans on speech day”, which I still live after. 

Words of wisdom to share with future alumni.

Use your network, be open to opportunities outside ”your plan” and be kind. 

What's next?

Immediately, a nice long summer vacation in Sweden with my family and friends. After that my work contract was just approved and expanded for another three year period starting next year so I look forward to continue strengthening the business and educational ties between Sweden and the United States, primarily the areas of Skaraborg and the Midwest. 


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