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Thank you Mark Morale, Nancy Grass, Anisha Fullard & Leslie Waller for your invaluable contribution and commitment to Santa Monica College Alumni.

The early years at the Alumni Office

 Shout Out! To J. Mark Morale “the Blue Man” for  delivering visual communication that says “Your  Presence Matters!”  Thank you for your excellence  and professionalism in all creative design work that  you have contributed to Santa Monica College!

The  SMC Alumni Relations program has committed to  shift the paradigm – and at the core of that are two  authentic messages “Your Presence Matters,” and  the alumni chant, “Proud to be SMC” - We mean it and you have been a partner in making that known for our Future Alumni to take pride in their engagement at Santa Monica College, our current  Alumni to shout it from the rooftops, for all to Stay Connected, and for the community at large to know they are valued, and their continued successes make us proud to be Santa Monica College. Thank you.

Shout Out! To Dr. Nancy Grass for coming up with the alumni chant “Proud to be SMC” - None of this would be possible without you. On that drive up Broadway in Santa Monica on the way home from work, I asked for your help, “we need something that talks about pride in SMC. Some way to say we are proud to be here, that gives students the ability to express their love for the college, encourages their engagement, says they matter. What is it?” And of course in true Nancy form – you simply stated, “Proud to be SMC.” In that moment I told you THAT'S IT everyone will know that saying. Everyone will be saying “Proud to be. . . S M C!” And they are, because of you we have this chant to unify students, faculty, staff, friends of the College and a global community around a few simple words. They express a deep shift in valuing community college, countering a stigma, and ultimately in building a sustainable alumni network that can provide access, social and cultural capital, empower current and future alumni leaders to have voice in society and contribute to a better world. Your commitment to student success is in everything you do. Thank you. 


Shout out! To Anisha Fullard, future alumna and Administrative support extraordinaire, thank you for always believeing in our vision. Thank you for coming to our rescue at the Office of Campus and Alumni Relations. You have supported the President's Ambassadors, believed in the Alumni vision, and provided administrative suport that made it possible for us to not only maintain our course in the face of obstacles, but to thrive and evolve with humour, positivity, and determination. Your authenticity is valued! Your Presence matters. The College is fortunate to have engaged you in the Department of Earth Science, and we are most grateful and fortunate to still have you near! We will continue to strive for excellence in contributing to the community and want you to know that you are always part of this success! Thank you.


Shout out! To Leslie Waller one of the original musketeers, thank you for diving in to provide some organization and administrative support in the early stages of our adventures! As the papers piled high around and emails flooded the virtual repository you saved the day with your fearless willingness to make sense of too much information! We will always know that you were at the heart of this operation early on, that you believed in the importance of the work we are doing, and that you gave your all to be helpful. And you were truly helpful. Thank you.

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