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Nathan Myhrvold comes back to visit SMC!

Honored as one of our Distinguished Alumni, Dr. Myhrvold made a trip back to his alma mater to meet some students, and share the memories of his SMC experiences as he strolled across campus. He recognized the original Letters and Science building and joyfully marveled at the extraordinary changes throughout the campus since his time as an SMC student in 1979.

Named by Foreign Policy magazine to its list of top 100 global thinkers, Myhrvold is an advocate for eliminating global warming and climate change using geoengineering, and aims to develop a nuclear reactor that is “safe and cheap.” Myhrvold is a former Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Corporation, co-founder of Intellectual Ventures, and the principal author of Modernist Cuisine, an encyclopedia and guide to the science of contemporary cooking.

We’ve had a great time catching up with Nathan. He even indulged us with a written interview. Read it here.

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