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Collaborative Art and Writing Exhibit Runs November 10-January 11


SMC’s Emeritus Art Gallery is pleased to announce “The Ongoing Moment: Literature and Art from Emeritus College,”a journal/exhibition of original writing and art created by Emeritus students in the memoir writing class led by author Monona Wali and the watercolor studio class taught by artist Catherine Tirr.


The free exhibition will run November 10 through January 11 in the SMC Emeritus Art Gallery,located on the first floor of theSMC Emeritus Campus, 1227 Second St., in downtown Santa Monica. A opening reception and special reading—also free to the public—will be held from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, November 10. For details, please call (310) 434-4306.


Parking is available next door in Santa Monica Public Parking Structure No. 2.


Gallery hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. The gallery will be closed for Thanksgiving November 24-27.


In the introduction to this year’s edition, Wali writes:


The long shadow of the past, the theme of this year’s The Ongoing Moment, is taken from an essay by the late historian Tony Judt, who wrote, in reference to the lightning speed of contemporary change, “The past, it seems, really is another country: they did things differently there.” Words and pictures — two paths to story creation — bring to life history and experience: particular, peculiar, funny, sad, and moving. Also, surprisingly (or maybe not) contemporary. The past could be last week, and pot smoking could be taken up by eighty-year olds. It could also be this year’s election cycle. That’s the speed of change.


People of a certain age walk the ridges of mountains, able to see wide vistas but also the deep shadows in the valleys below. This is the very cool thing about the students who attend classes at Emeritus. They come to exercise their minds and they come for community, in return they enrich us with their talent and their unique perspectives.


Copies of “The Ongoing Moment” will be available for purchase at the reception and at Emeritus throughout the week, while supplies last. The cost is $10 per copy.


Emeritus was founded by Santa Monica College in 1975 to serve the lifelong learning interests of older adults. Today, the widely praised program offers more than 120 free classes and special programs, and serves over 3,000 students each year