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Who We Are. What We Do.

The Santa Monica College Alumni Association connects SMC Alums across the country and around the globe. Your Presence Matters!  



Create a sustainable alumni network grounded in authentic 
relationships through which current and future alumni can gain
access, social and cultural capital
Connectable through a robust digital infrastructure that both
builds and maintains the network
Wherein anytime an SMC student leaves Santa Monica College,
when they land in their transfer destination (be it a four-year
college or university, workplace, a new city, or backto a home
country), there will be SMC Alumni to receive them
To prepare our alumni to become future leaders who "contribute
to the global community with an understanding of their relationship
to diverse social, cultural, political, economic, technological, and
natural environments" (college mission
The by-product of which is that we can generate all the resources we need



Our Mission

The SMC Alumni Association builds and re-establishes lifelong connections with our graduates, former students and friends to foster mutually beneficial ties with Santa Monica College, generating goodwill, financial support and other resources to change students’ lives through excellence in education and a shared commitment to global citizenship.


Integrity, Commitment, Relationship, Education, Community  


Meet the Staff

Deirdre L. Weaver
Director, Student & Alumni Relations

I am a proud SMC Alum dedicated to launching a global alumni network grounded in authentic relationships that provide access, social and cultural capital, and a pathway to stay connected.


Mark Morale
Visual Communication Consultant

A unifying identity is a great asset for a community college. Our students embrace the SMC Future Alumni identity as part of their success. I’m proud to be part of their journey.


Janet Kleinmen
Administrative Assistant

 Being a Santa Monica resident and having taken classes at SMC, I am dedicated to giving back to the SMC Alumni Association and developing relationships that will further the SMC Alumni vision.



Andres Muñoz
Student Services Assistant

As a proud SMC alum being able to give back to the college, and contributing to the vision of the Alumni Association has been a great experience. Seeing students continue their journey after SMC, and carrying with them the Alumni Chant, “Proud to be SMC!” is great to see!


Payal Sedani
Student Worker

Alastair Robinson
Student Worker



Mailing Address
Santa Monica College Office of Campus and Alumni Relations
1900 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405-1628

Office Location
1510 Pico Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
(Main) 310-434-8400

Primary Contact
Deirdre L. Weaver
Director, Student and Alumni Relations
Email: weaver_deirdre@smc.edu
Office: 310-434-4791


 Join us in activating the SMC Alumni Network.